BREAKING: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Ohio Sec. of State Must Verify Votes

Tuesday, October 14, ~8:30 P.M. Central

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down an emergency ruling ordering Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to devise a method of verifying that the large number of newly registered voters in the state are legally eligible to do so, and to purge the rolls of any that are illegal. The ruling was issued by the full six judge panel. The case has been moving its way through the courts since it was originally filed by the Ohio Republican Party. Tonight’s ruling by the six judge panel upholds last Friday’s decision by a Federal judge.

The three judge panel had sided with Sec. Brunner, who had stated that there was not enough time to set up a verification system prior to the elections. Of particular concern for those who suspect wide spread voter fraud, are absentee ballots, which can be cast until October 16 and are, by state law, to be opened on October 25. Ohio’s procedure is to open these ballots and separate the vote from the identifying information. Once the ballots are separated, there would be no way of detecting whether or not the voter who cast it was legally eligible.

Fox News’ Bill Sammon reported on Greta Van Sustern’s On the Record that the Ohio GOP has been pushing for Ohio’s eighty-eight counties to review the registration lists and purge those that are fraudulent such as “Mickey Mouse”, “Hans Solo”, and the like.

The ruling is significant, in light of the reports of voter fraud by ACORN workers across the state and in at least twelve states throughout the country.


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