Lynn De Rothschild: “Obama Tax ‘Cuts’ Are Biggest Welfare Program Since Welfare Began

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After Wednesday night’s debate, FoxNews‘ Greta Van Susteren interviewed Lynn Forester De Rothschild, a prominent former Hillary Clinton supporter and fundraiser who recently came forward to support John McCain.

Mrs. De Rothschild informed Greta that Sen. Obama’s purported tax cuts for 95% of Americans is not a tax cut at; it’s a welfare program disguised as a tax cut. She pointed out that the Obama campaign fails to mention that under the Obama plan, 40% of the 95% are people who currently pay not taxes at all. The 40%, some 60 million people who again, currently don’t pay any taxes, would receive money from the government through a “tax credit”. Mrs. De Rothschild stated further:

It’s the biggest welfare plan in the guise of a ‘tax cut’ since welfare began. This is not a tax cut.

In addition, she pointed out that analysts have confirmed that this plan would cost $1 trillion dollars. Greta then asked how the plan would be funded.

Barack Obama isn’t going to get all that money from the other 5% of taxpayers.

Greta inquired:

So, you’re saying the rest of the taxpayers, would have to pay for it?

Mrs. De Rothschild replied in the affirmative. She concluded by explaining that John McCain’s tax plan would cut taxes for people who are paying taxes today.


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  1. […] of anyone with an income over $250,000, and giving a “tax credit” to 95% of Americans, 40% of whom pay no income taxes at all, Obama / Robin Hood promises to steal (hence, vandalism) from the […]

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