A finally fed-up conservative who has jumped into the blogging ocean for a couple of reasons. First, with election 2008, I find myself nearly attached to my computer because we all know real journalism is literally DEAD. You know you’re in big trouble when you find yourself yelling at the TV and smacking yourself in the head. Since we all seem to have to get our news online, which includes blogs, and I clearly need to stop smacking myself in the head, why not use those 70WPM typing skills to help spread the truth around as much as possible? Plus, I’m an entrepreneur at heart – yeah – an unapologetic money-grubbing capitalist!! Truly a shocking thing to confess these days. If I can build this blog to be entertaining and informative enough that it generates some cash, well so much the better. At least I might feel a little better venting and participating, anyway.

You could say I’m somewhat like a recovering alcoholic or an ex-smoker in that I’ve come to my philosophy of politics the hard way. That philosophy is conservative, or is truly more accurately stated as classical liberalism. The best and explanation of which I have found here and exists in, part in Johah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism which is [to be] discussed in the Books section of this blog. Note that the site link I’ve given for my explanation is The Future of Freedom Foundation. While the explanation that I found there is excellent, I’ve not yet investigated the entire site thoroughly. I do note that one of the books mentioned includes an appeal for “open immigration” and this is not a position which I support. Considering the overall philosophy of the site, the exact explanation of this position and what it really means bears investigating. At first consideration, though, we already have de facto open immigration and, to say the least, it’s not doing anything good for us as a country.

I say I came by my perspective the hard way because I had to educate myself and think my way to it. Having been raised by pro-Union, pro-Democrat parents (there was actual weeping in my house in 1980 when Carter lost to Reagan) I had to find out about the enslaving nature of the whole attitude of “the man is keeping us down” with which I was raised in addition to getting past the totally substandard public school education which I received.

My literal “come to Jesus” moment really took place when I watched video of Pres. Clinton (aka Slick Willy) squirming during his grand jury testimony when questioned about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Interestingly enough, this event practically happened simultaneously with a personal experience of observing someone close to me demonstrate the extreme of the belief in personal entitlement to be cared for by the State, while abdicating all personal responsibility, and damaging her children, all the time being perfectly physically and intellectually capable of be self-supporting. The world, viewed through a completely different lens, began to change rapidly for me.

I’ve realized, the only way to be truly free is to be personally responsible, to accept that man, while possessing nearly limitless potential to do good, also possess limitless potential to do evil. Man is flawed and imperfect. The only perfection that exists in the universe is God.  I believe in the Natural Law and man’s unchanging nature. Unlike socialists, Marxists, and fascists, I don’t believe man can be totally perfected. If man can’t be perfected, neither can the institutions which he controls, including governments. Since man is flawed, he is easily corrupted and power is a corrupting force.

The Founding Fathers believed in the Natural Law, the universal nature of man and his corruptibility.  With the establishment of the United States of America, the concept of the Natural Law, and that all men are granted their rights by God, not the government, came into being for the first time in human history. To avoid the tyranny of corruptible men, government was to be invested with its power from the people, and was to be kept limited in size and scope.

It’s rather ironic to come to such realizations in the late 1990s in America then watch events unfold to the present, and fully awake to the effects. Perhaps my prior ignorance was truly bliss! Considering the size of government and its power at present, it’s a tragedy in comparison to the principles of our founding.

All of this considered, the best description of my present attitude can be summarized in a goofy bumper sticker I purchased at a Sarah Palin rally in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 5, 2008:

“Bitter, gun-toting, religious freak”


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  1. Great ,Shelli!
    As Walt Disney said: “The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing!”

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