Two Omaha, Nebraska Students Suspended for “Inappropriate Remarks” About Barack Obama & Secret Service Investigates Another for a “Threat”

Apparently, the efforts to silence dissent against President-elect Barack Obama have already begun. And it looks like he can count on the youth, if not so much as he would have liked, at the ballot box, in policing their peers.

Lincoln, Nebraska, radio station 1400 KLIN reported this morning that two Omaha high school students have been suspended for making “inappropriate remarks” about Mr. Obama that “had racial and religious ‘undertones'”.

A search for a more in-depth report on the incident finds an Omaha World Herald story which reveals that the incident that occurred Wednesday is not the only one in which action was taken against an area high schooler.

In Bellevue, Nebraska, police and the Secret Service were called by a high school student who had received a text message from a fellow student that the recipient deemed “threatening”. Apparently, the two students were arguing about the outcome of the election. No action was taken, as the threat was not deemed “credible”, although it was labeled as “inappropriate”.

These incidents should disturb us all. Of course, racial epithets and threatening language should not be tolerated in a civilized society. But, in the case of the suspended students, the words “inappropriate” and “undertones” were used. I find that, unfortunately, not surprising, but very outrageous. How many people, for the last eight years, made more than “inappropriate” remarks with actually violent “overtones” against President George W. Bush? How many calls were made to the Secret Service, how many students suspended? Apparently it’s ok to disapparage, ridicule, and slander a white Christian guy, and that’s about it.

What I find most disconcerting is that the first incident, which resulted in the suspensions, was not reported by the classroom teacher, it was reported by students who left the class and contacted the administration. And the administration took it seriously.

Perhaps the reporting students will be the first to sign up for President-elect Obama’s National Civilian “Security” force.

Homeschooling, anyone?