Obama Spokeswoman Says Obama Has Been “Unequivocal” on “$250,000”, Then Lowers Threshold to $45,000 – $50,000

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$120,000 must be the new $150,000, no, it’s the new $200,000, no, the new $250,000. Huh??

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, in a radio interview on Denver, Colorado radio station 850 KOA today stated that people with incomes under $120,000 would receive tax cuts:

After months of stating that Obama would give tax cuts to “all working families” that made less than $250,000, that number has changed four, perhaps five times this week.

Those numbers for people who will have tax bulls-eyes tacked to their foreheads just keeps changing. In the whole “spreading” or redistributing the wealth scheme, those who will have their wealth “spread around” seem to be making less and less from one day to the next.

On Wednesday, “Oh, That’s Just Joe Being Joe” Joe Biden said the Obama-Biden tax plan would lower taxes for everyone making less than $150,000:

Perhaps in a “slow economy” or “financial crisis”, we just need to redefine the definition of “rich”. Wednesday, apparently, rich was $150,000, during Obama’s thirty minute indoctromercial, it was $200,000.

Perplexed by the four different numbers now floating, Fox News Stuart Varney, filling in on Neil Cavuto’s Your World, invited an Obama spokeswoman on to clear things up.

**Warning – Duct Tape Alert**

Please wrap your head securely in Duct tape prior to viewing as your head is likely to explode about 90 seconds in:

This link will take you to the Fox News site where you can view the video.

Miss Law seems to lower the threshold now to $45,000 – $50,000 if I get anythinng that makes any sense out of what she said.

If Mr. Obama, his running mate, a former Ambassador to the U.N. and sitting governor, or his “spokeswoman” can’t walk a straight line, let us do so here. Let’s examine some of the ways in which Miss Law tried to tap dance around directly clarifying which particular number is the one we are to believe:

  1. $150,000 and $120,000 were amounts used because they fall inside $250,000, and so does $200,000
  2. It’s not Mr. Obama who stated anything but $250,000, it was Joe Biden, and Governor Richardson
  3. Since it wasn’t Mr. Obama himself, we’d have to ask Joe Biden and Gov. Richardson what they meant
  4. Gov. Richardson and Sen. Biden were just saying those particular amounts because of the people they were talking to probably don’t make more than those amounts of money
  5. Mr. Obama did say $250,000 and then $200,000, but that’s not equivocating
  6. The discrepancies in amounts just reflect the struggle to define what “middle-class” is
  7. Middle-class is really $45,000 – $50,000

Miss Law really cleared things up, didn’t she? Let’s see if we understand her correctly, taking these explanations, one at a time and correcting the circular logic:

  1. It’s not a question of what falls inside the amount in question, and that’s not the context or language that was used by any of the speakers. It’s a question of where the threshold lies.
  2. First, it was Mr. Obama who was among those confusing the issue. But also, if a candidate or campaign sends out someone to speak on their behalf, they are obligated to have their facts straight. If they don’t have those facts straight, don’t send them out. If they say something that represents the candidate’s point of view, we will take the person at face value. Otherwise, the candidate himself should call a press conference and clear things up. Besides, since Miss Law was speaking on the campaigns behalf, hence the word, “spokeswoman”, are we not to believe anything she says either.
  3. We don’t need to ask Biden or Richardson anything. They already spoke. Were they rogues out there without campaign permission? Can we have Miss Law’s cell phone number so we can call and ask her what she meant?
  4. So the campaign is admitting that they say things to different people in different places?
  5. Huh?? Then what the heck is it?
  6. The discussion is not regarding the “struggle to define middle-class”, it’s an effort to nail down a dollar amount at which certain incomes will be taxed higher and others given cuts. Apparently we are being clearly told that until the “struggle” is resolved, we’re not going to be clear on that murky middle-class definition. Hence, the threshold for “rich” is TBD. In other words, we won’t really know what the amount is until after Sen. Obama is elected.
  7. Now we’re getting down to it. That $45,000 figure is suspiciously like the $41,600 figure we’d heard about earlier in the campaign: Sen. Obama had at one point in the U.S. Senate voted to raise taxes on  people with incomes above that amount.

Let us examine the definition of the word “equivocate”, courtesy of Merriam-Webster’s:


1 : to use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive 2 : to avoid committing oneself in what one says

2 : to avoid committing oneself in what one says

Seems like the whole loopy discussion is the definition of “equivocate”.

Finally, let’s move totally into the land of common sense and sound reasoning. Is there any real doubt about what’s going on here? We’re being bombarded with so many amounts at this stage, so later, if elected President Obama can stake a claim on whichever amount is most convenient.


Joe Biden: Official Obama Babysitter, Prolific Do-It-Yourselfer

Democratic VP Nominee Joe Biden Promises to "Babysit" Obama

Joe Biden Promises to Babysit Obama

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For those of us who have been wondering why on earth Barack Obama choose Washington’s most prolific Gaffe-o-matic, Senator Joe Biden, as his running mate, we now have the answer. And good ole’ Joe gave it to us himself in last night’s debate:

“But Barack Obama indicated to me he wanted me with him to help him govern. So every major decision he’ll be making, I’ll be sitting in the room to give my best advice.”

Hello!? To me, the most damning comment he made all night (and yes, that’s saying something considering the many lies he told) and wonder of wonders….nary a soul in the media seems to have picked up on it, at least not that I’ve seen yet. Maybe he doesn’t need to be in the room for just the major decisions….maybe the minor ones, too. There might be an upside to this. Perhaps his constant gaffe-spewing and fact-twisting will so befuddle Obama, he’ll be too confused sorting it all out to implement as many of his scary poh-luh-sees. Wishful thinking, unfortunately.

Besides confirming for many of us what we already knew, which is Barack Obama is so inexperienced (not to mention scary) to be president that he needs a babysitter, Sen. Biden also unveiled a side of himself of which we were heretofore unaware: he spends a lot of time at….drum roll please….Home Depot.

Ok, so let’s picture it: you’re in the plumbing department trying to figure out which part you need to buy to stop your toilet from running incessantly and you’re thinking, “Do I need that gasket-thingy or should I buy the whole toilet repair kit?” As these things often go, you now realize you’re toilet seems to have been one of those that was manufactured in Bangladesh for six months but then discontinued so the parts don’t seem to be available. Looks like you’re going to have to replace all the guts inside the tank…wonderful. Suddenly, you’re startled out of your reverie over this grim prospect when along comes Senator Joe Biden, whose just strolling down the aisles looking for….looking for….uh, uh…replacement batteries (rechargeable, of course) for his Ipod which he listens to on his daily commute from Wilmington to D.C. on the train, (I mean, Amtrak, at $125 one-way). Although Joe Biden is, of course, someone who would spend loads of time at Home Depot, he’s somehow gotten himself lost. Recognizing him instantly (because you have followed his stellar political career ardently) you present yourself to him and begin to earnestly discuss the economic issues of the day. Yeah, right….

The key to dispelling this whole phony lie of an invitation to “….walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time…” is that Home Depot is a do-it-yourself store. Key words: “do it yourself”. As in self-reliance. And if you choose not to do-it-yourself it’s a bit spendy to pay for the recently added option of having Home Depot do it for you. The vast majority of items there are keyed toward home improvement projects, decorating, etc., my little illustration of an encounter with frequent shopper Biden notwithstanding. I would surmise that most of the people who shop at Home Depot don’t buy their toilet parts and batteries there unless they’ve already been shopping there for the home décor and improvement stuff. You know, the fluff and extras people do when they have extra money. Just how many whiny people looking for a government hand-out actually shop there? People who actually have money to spend. I do have a goofy question: Is it possible that businesses are now paying for product placement during political debates? If so, Home Depot owes Mr. Biden about $1 million. With 70 million viewers, ad rates should have been almost as much as the Super Bowl. Anyway…

While there were others who noticed the selection of a supposedly “middle-class” buzzword like Home Depot from a list of such words by the Obama V.P. debate prep team, I haven’t heard anyone comment on how devastated good ‘ole Joe would be if Messiah Obama were to meet an untimely end after his coronation, I mean, inauguration as President:

God forbid that would ever happen, it would be a national tragedy of historic proportions if it were to happen.”

This one takes the prize as creepiest comment of the night. Does anyone else’s skin just start crawling when purportedly intelligent people turn into venerating droolers? If nothing else, I’ve learned through this election that there are far more dangerous things than, gulp, devout Christians. Seriously, there is even something more dangerous than the recent rise of the pseudo-religion that is earth-worshipping global warming fanaticism. It’s the idol worship of a man that has become so prevalent it just falls right off the lips of said idol’s running mate with far too little notice.