Obama to Kids: “Take an adult to the Polls…Tell Them to Vote for You, By Voting for Sen. Obama”

The Obama-Biden Campaign Website is a Virtual Treasure Trove of Interesting Information, if You Don’t Mind Getting Creeped Out…

Nazi Youth, Anyone?Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are now officially living in the twilight zone? Leaving aside for a moment the rapid socialization of most of our economic system, etc., etc., does anyone else but me feel like they are being barraged with so much weirdness at once that it’s impossible to absorb? I’m talking about things such as my daughter (a braver troller than I) discovered on the “Obama for America” site:

10 Ways Kids for Obama can get involved:

  • Create a Kids for Obama Group on My.Barackobama.com. For example, Chicago Kids for Obama or DC Kids for Obama and throw a party!
  • Write a letter or editorial to your local news paper, expressing “Why Barack Obama should become the next US President”.
  • Find a Pen Pal – it could be in your school, city, state, or another state. Write and discuss different ways you can get involved.
  • Draw a picture of Senator Barack Obama or “an expression of Democracy”. For example, the Senator sitting in the White House or working on Capitol. Hill. You can send your drawing to the Obama for America Campaign Headquarters in Chicago and it will be posted for the Senator to see.
  • Implement T-Shirt Thursday. Get friends to wear an official Obama for America T-Shirt to school.
  • Take an adult (voting age) to the polls on Election Day and encourage them to vote for you, by voting for Senator Obama.
  • Post an official Obama for America Campaign sticker/logo on your school bag.
  • Wear an Obama for America Campaign button and/or clothing.
  • Host a Senator Barack Obama House Party or sleep-over.
  • Contribute to the Kids for Obama Blog .

I think Johan Goldberg, author of Liberal Facism, does a better of job explaining how problematic this creepy appeal to children is:

Since Plato’s Republic, politicians, intellectuals, and priests have
been fascinated with the idea of “capturing” children for social-
engineering purposes. This is why Robespierre advocated that chil-
dren be raised by the state. Hitler—who understood as well as any
the importance of winning the hearts and minds of youth—once re-
marked, “When an opponent says ‘I will not come over to your side,’
I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already…You will pass on.
Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short
time they will know nothing but this new community.’” Woodrow
Wilson candidly observed that the primary mission of the educator
was to make children as unlike their parents as possible. Charlotte
Perkins Gilman stated it more starkly. “There is no more brilliant
hope on earth to-day,” the feminist icon proclaimed, “than this new
thought about the child…the recognition of ‘the child,’ children as
a class, children as citizens with rights to be guaranteed only by the
state; instead of our previous attitude toward them of absolute per-
sonal [that is, parental] ownership—the unchecked tyranny…of
the private home.”

Mr. Goldberg’s book is nearly at the top of my list must-read history books. In addition to his regular columns posted twice weekly at National Review Online, he regularly posts on the site’s blog “The Corner”, and on the site’s blog devoted exclusively to the book, entitled, appropriately, LIberal Fascism.